WPC Fence

With the natural wood fiber as main materials, adding polyethylene and some necessary chemical agents, the WPC fence is produced by the extrusion equipment under high temperature and pressure. It is widely used in landscaping and municipal projects like water platform, parks, green area, sides of the cliff, river and lakeside etc.

Fencetastic Wood-plastic composites are the new green environmental friendly landscape materials. Made from polyolefin plastics and cellulose wood fibers and manufactured through a special treatment process.

Fencetastic WPC products will not fade, crack or rot. They are pest and graffiti resistant and have good fireproof properties. Fencetastic WPC products have the natural characteristics of wood and can be used in many areas of building contruction.

Fencetastic Wood-Plastic Composites’s appearance, texture and colour are similar to those of natural stone and wood. They are also superior to wood in all aspects.

1. Energy efficient and environment friendly, fully recyclable.
2. Similar to wood in grains, colors and textures.
3. Heat-and-sound-insulating, sturdy and durable.
4. Water-proof, flame-proof, insect-proof, wear-resistant and non-conductive.
5. Acid-and-alkaline-resistant, corrosion-resistant, UV-resistant and maintenance free.
6. Graffiti resistant, mould and insects free, strong and cost effective.
7. Can be cut, nailed and drilled to adapt to all kinds of accessories.
8. Attractive appearance, easy installation, easy maintenance, which is economic and effective.

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Product Features

Here you will buy high quality wood-plastic composite deck, we provide installation instructions, you can complete the construction in a short time.

  • Cheap And High Quality
  • Crack Resistant And Durable
  • Anti Aging Corrosion Resistant
  • Nontoxic And Moisture Resistant
  • Av Resistant And Weather Resistance

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